Data Management Solutions

In our experience, we have seen that the root cause of many big business issues can be traced back to data management. The problem is not a lack of data but rather the inability to make business sense of the data at hand. Fundamentally, it is a matter of data management: the architectures, applications, policies, practices and procedures (or lack thereof) in place for managing and enhancing a company's data assets. Many companies wrestle daily with competing databases that must be reconciled. The graphic below represents the key data areas for most businesses that need to be addressed. Next to this graphic are a number of the key themes that we are hearing from clients and key industry contacts as major Data Management challenges:

Data Management initiatives are frequently planned well after the organization has implemented its patchwork infrastructure of different repositories and applications, recognizing that data integration is broader than individual systems and organizations. If data is to be a major competitive asset then there needs to be a corresponding data management plan, supporting governance process and responsibility to appropriately manage this asset for the best return.

The good news is that there are management approaches and new data management software designed to address the full lifecycle of data management. Rather than beginning with software and database solutions, we first need to know where you are and then help you determine what needs to be done. Otherwise, how do you know where to start and what tools you need to meet your objective?

Principles Group’s Approach

Principles Group LLC (“PG”) first initiates a thorough assessment and analysis of selected data/information areas. We then identify the benefit possibilities and provide recommendations for improvement. We begin with a business approach, as it is critical to determine the business objective for the scope of work that results from this “Phase 0” initiative. Most importantly, we clearly identify the “What” that needs to be accomplished. Once the “What” especially around the areas of opportunity from the “Phase 0” work has identified, there is significant work to accomplish. We have developed downstream phases to organize and address these benefit opportunity areas.

  • Consumer Pharmaceuticals
    PG recently led the Business Impact & Change Integration Management (CM) activity for their large Supply Chain Manufacturing SAP implementation. PG developed the overall Business Impact Management strategy and led the CM team that worked all aspects of the project directly with the business & IT.
  • Packaged Consumer Goods
    Global IT PMO - PG provided thought leadership and design/implementation support for new Global IT PMO. Solution included developing the PMO charter & ways of working, establishing PMO organization structure and the Global IT Leadership Circle, and initiating the "value-centric" IT Portfolio Management process.
  • SAP Project "Expert Witnesses" for Big 4 Litigation
    PG provided SAP Project Expert Witnesses and analysts to a leading legal firm for 2 cases supporting Big 4 System Integrators. PG provided six Call Center Technology expert witness consultants for the largest global Telecom/Contact Center Patent Infringement Case to date.
  • Medical Device & Diagnostics
    Lead Change Management & Business Impact Team at the largest Franchise of client company for multiyear OTC SAP implementation - PG developed overall Business Impact Management strategy and led the highly successful SAP change management activity. We provided CM staff directly to client and worked alongside IBM, the SAP Program technical system integrator.